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Improving the Electrical Energy Efficiency of Your Business

Everything in business comes back to the bottom line. If there is a way to improve the bottom line – whether it’s cutting expenses or boosting revenue – it’s worth exploring. In this case, that means looking at the energy efficiency of the electrical system that serves your business. Electrical costs can make up a […]

Can Commercial LED Lighting Save You a Bundle?

LEDs have come to dominate the lighting landscape over the last few decades. They’re renowned for their energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. From decorative lights to home fittings to multimillion dollar film sets, LEDs are everywhere. But if your business is still using older conventional lighting, like incandescent or halogen bulbs, is there a reason to […]

Commercial Plumbing Primer

No commercial building is going to function properly without a well-designed, well-maintained plumbing system. Good commercial plumbing contractors can look at the big picture of a commercial building to see how it functions and then design and install plumbing that suits the needs of how that building operates. In this article, you’ll get familiar with […]


5 Reasons to Get Electrical Inspections

The electrical system that serves your building is one of the most important components that you rely on each day. And, given the inherent risks associated with electricity, it is also one that presents potential danger if it is not in proper working order. By having an electrical inspection performed, you can track down any […]

Trends in Commercial Lighting

Keeping up with current commercial lighting trends is important for everyone involved in this industry, from electricians to designers and beyond. There have been a lot of exciting new products and ideas come onto the market in recent years, and this article will touch on some of the highlights.   When a trustworthy commercial electrician […]

Top Ways to Keep Your Commercial Air Conditioner Running Longer

In a commercial setting, air conditioning is a large, but necessary, expense. This is particularly true in places like ours, the Mid-Atlantic region, where warm and humid summers can cause air conditioners to work particularly hard for months on end. To keep your AC costs down, it’s smart to take steps that will help you […]

Low Water Pressure Causing You Problems?

Are you experiencing low water pressure in your building? Whether you own an apartment complex and your tenants are complaining or an office building that doesn’t get enough water pressure to the upper floors, or a large facility, you might need a commercial plumbing repair. Plumbing systems for large buildings are extensive. It can be […]