Electricity is easy to take for granted – until the grid suddenly goes down. While a rare few businesses can deal with an occasional power outage, that’s not the case for all the vast majority of commercial locations. This article will discuss what kinds of businesses need to have an emergency electrical system in place.


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What Would Be Lost?

As you think about whether you’d like to add an emergency electrical system to your commercial property, it can be helpful to picture what it would look like if the power went down for an extended period. You can use your imagination to work through this exercise, or you might have recently experienced it firsthand during an outage.


Consider what you would lose while you were stuck without power. For most businesses, this comes down to two things – inventory and the ability to serve customers. For example, a restaurant that can’t run without power would not only lose sales during those dark hours, but also may lose inventory that couldn’t be kept cold in the fridges and freezers. So, for that restaurant, losing power would be a significant financial hit.


On the other hand, a commercial location that serves other business clients and doesn’t carry any perishable items might not be at as much risk. The production schedule will be thrown off, but you might be able to work with your clients to get back on track shortly. For that kind of operation, a backup electrical system is probably useful but may not be absolutely essential.


What Can You Run?

The other important question in this discussion is what you can run if you do invest in backup electricity. Depending on the kind of work you do at your business, and the kind of equipment you run, an emergency electrical system might not be able to keep you completely operational. It should be plenty to run things like lights and computers, but you may not be able to operate industrial manufacturing equipment, etc. Thinking about how close a backup system will get you to 100% operational is a worthwhile question to ponder.


Get Professional Help

Every business is in a unique situation. Some businesses will be far better off with emergency electrical in place, while others it might be an option that you decide not to invest in in at this time. If you’d like help making this choice, reach out to a professional team like Varney. That way, you can get direct answers to any questions you may have regarding how long the backup system could run, what it would be able to power, and more. Without getting professional input, you’ll won’t be able to make the best choice for your business – and this decision is too important to make on guesswork alone. Between the expertise you have in running your business, and the insight that can be provided by the professionals at Varney, you can make the right choice for your needs.

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