In some sense, it would seem that plumbing is plumbing, regardless of what kind of building is being served. And to be sure, there are plenty of plumbing fundamentals that apply across the board in nearly all situations. With that said, commercial and residential plumbing are not the same thing, so you need to make […]

For a large commercial or industrial building, electricity can be a major expense. Month after month, the electrical bill can be a substantial expense. Toward that end, any steps you can take to cut down on those costs will directly benefit the bottom line.   As a trusted commercial electrician, Varney can help businesses save […]

Good electrical work is at the heart of every building. Not only does proper electrical wiring bring the building to life and make virtually anything possible inside, but it also keeps occupants safe by adhering to all relevant codes and restrictions.   Not all electrical work is the same, however. An electrician who has wired […]

Generally speaking, commercial HVAC equipment is very safe. The modern technology used to create commercial HVAC systems is designed to not only produce great results, but also to keep everyone in the building safe at all times. One of the few risks that comes with running HVAC equipment in a building is a carbon monoxide […]

Plumbing emergencies in commercial and industrial properties can be costly and disruptive. They have the potential to bring your business operations or your tenants to a standstill and lead to significant financial losses. However, many of these emergencies can be prevented with proper care and maintenance of your plumbing system. In this post, we will […]