Generally speaking, commercial HVAC equipment is very safe. The modern technology used to create commercial HVAC systems is designed to not only produce great results, but also to keep everyone in the building safe at all times. One of the few risks that comes with running HVAC equipment in a building is a carbon monoxide leak, which is a very dangerous situation if not caught right away. Below, this article will look at some safety tips to make sure no one is harmed while your industrial HVAC systems are running.


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The Most Important Sign

Without a doubt, the best way to know if there is a carbon monoxide leak in your commercial building is to have functioning carbon monoxide detectors throughout the space. These are essential safety tools, much like smoke alarms, that will immediately sound a warning if carbon monoxide levels start to rise.


There is nothing optional about having good CO detectors in your building. This is a necessary step to take when you have an HVAC system in place, and the detectors should be tested periodically to confirm they are working. Given the affordable nature of such equipment, and the potential for one of these detectors to save lives or prevent serious illness, it’s a no-brainer.


Provide the System with Regular Attention

In addition to a proper set of CO detectors, you should also make sure your commercial HVAC system is getting ongoing attention from a qualified contractor. By having the system serviced regularly, any issues that could be causing a carbon monoxide leak will be spotted and can be addressed right away. In this way, you can avoid the need for the detectors to ever go off – they can just play a backup role while your ongoing maintenance keeps the system from developing a CO leak in the first place.


Of course, there are many other advantages of ongoing maintenance to mention in addition to preventing a carbon monoxide problem. You’ll also find that your system works better when it is maintained regularly, as it will run more efficiently and use less energy while keeping the building at the right temperature. Also, consistent service will help the equipment last longer, meaning it will be more time before you need to invest in a replacement system.


By following some basic steps, and not taking safety for granted, you can keep everyone in your building out of harm’s way when it comes to a potential carbon monoxide leak. Proper heating and air conditioning is always important in a commercial building, and the team at Varney is ready to jump into action to make sure all of your properties are functioning as they should. Reach out right away to learn more.

Heating and cooling a commercial space can be a major expense. Depending on the time of year, you might need to run the heating or cooling system throughout the day, leading to serious utility bills by the end of the month. Any step you can take toward controlling those costs is one worth exploring, and adding programmable thermostats to your building falls into that category. 


No matter what kind of commercial HVAC work you need to have completed in your building, Varney is the right partner for the job. With extensive experience as trusted HVAC contractors, you can be sure the project is in good hands when the Varney team arrives.


Around-the-Clock Control

If you own and operate a commercial space that is only used for part of the day, you certainly don’t want to be heating or cooling that space as much when no one is there. For example, a retail space that closes in the evening and doesn’t open until the next morning might not need to keep the temperature as low all night long when no one is inside.


With a traditional thermostat that doesn’t have programming functions, you could simply ask the staff to adjust the temperature when they leave and arrive, but that would probably lead to inconsistent results, at best. When you upgrade to a programmable thermostat, it’s easy to set the program to match the schedule of your business, and no one will need to adjust the thermostat.


Plan Subtle Adjustments

Even during the hours when a business is open or employees are in the office, there will likely be times of the day when you need to make small adjustments based on patterns in the building. Again, it’s easy to program these adjustments in advance to get the best possible performance out of your system. For instance, if you know your location tends to get busy in the afternoon during the summer, you might plan to lower the A/C just a bit in advance of that rush, so the building doesn’t get too hot while it’s crowded. Then, after the afternoon rush ends, you can have the schedule set for the A/C to move back to its normal level.


Efficiency Equals Savings

It’s easy to make your HVAC system function more efficiently when you have a programmable thermostat that you can use, and improving efficiency is directly tied to the bottom line. When your system is only running when it needs to be, and it isn’t heating or cooling as much for no reason, you will save money on utility costs, and you should get a longer useful life out of the HVAC equipment. When it’s all added up, the cost of upgrading to a new programmable thermostat will certainly be a wise investment.


Make the Right Changes

Whether it’s the installation of some new thermostats, general HVAC repair, or anything else that needs to be done at your commercial property, Varney is ready to serve you. Get in touch today to learn more.

When working in an office, it’s easy to forget about everything that goes on behind the scenes to keep the building working properly. For example, when you turn on the faucet for some hot water, you expect warm water to start flowing within a matter of moments. But what if it doesn’t? There are different types of water heater setups in office buildings, so let’s take a look at the basics in this article.


Of course, to deal with any kind of water heater problem in your office, calling in a commercial plumber like Varney Inc. is your best bet. Varney brings years of experience, a professional team to every job.


Start with the Power Source

It obviously requires energy to warm up water to an appropriate temperature to serve an office building. The various types of water heater setups in an office can be powered in different ways, including the following options –


  • Gas water heaters. The natural gas or propane that serves a building can be used to warm up the water supply. Natural gas is commonly used for residential water heaters, and it can be used in commercial applications, as well.
  • Electric water heaters. In some buildings, it will be the electrical power supply, rather than the gas line, that is used to heat up the water.
  • Oil-fired water heaters. Finally, some commercial facilities are served by oil-heated units instead of gas or electric.


The source of energy that is used by your existing water heater will largely determine your options for what kind of repair or replacement can be completed. Working with a commercial plumber like Varney will help you sort through the options and determine the best course of action.


On-Hold or On-Demand?

One of the biggest differences in various water heater systems is whether the system creates hot water and holds it until it’s used, or if the system creates that hot water on demand. The first option is known as a storage tank water heater, or just a tank water heater. As the name suggests, water is warmed and held in a large tank until someone turns a faucet to access the supply.


On the other end of the spectrum, a tankless water heater creates hot water on demand. When a hot water faucet is turned open, the system will jump into action and quickly heat the water that is flowing toward the tap. Tankless water heaters can be either gas or electric, and they are often more efficient since they only heat up water when it is needed.


The Right Capacity

If purchasing a new commercial water heater, perhaps the most important point of all is capacity. The heater needs to serve your entire building properly, so it can’t be undersized or underpowered for the job at hand. It’s important to consider not only the size of the building that is being served but also the amount of hot water that building is expected to use on an average day. The experts at Varney can help with any commercial plumbing challenge, so contact the team today for assistance.

In a commercial setting, air conditioning is a large, but necessary, expense. This is particularly true in places like ours, the Mid-Atlantic region, where warm and humid summers can cause air conditioners to work particularly hard for months on end. To keep your AC costs down, it’s smart to take steps that will help you get the longest possible useful life out of your current unit or units. 


For trustworthy and prompt commercial air conditioner repair at a fair price, reach out to Varney today to schedule your appointment.


Regular Maintenance is Key

For air conditioner durability, everything starts with regular, ongoing maintenance. Even with the best air conditioning unit in the world serving your building, you will still want to have regular maintenance performed to keep that unit healthy and working optimally. Not only can consistent maintenance help keep the air conditioner up and running for the long haul, but it can also help it to work more efficiently.


Of course, it’s easy to forget about AC maintenance when you are busy running all of the other parts of your business. Getting on a regular schedule with a commercial HVAC contractor who can come out and perform this maintenance at regular intervals is your best bet. It’s a good idea to have the unit or units serviced before you are looking at an expensive repair.  Contact Varney about setting up a maintenance schedule so this important task never falls behind.


Assess the Needs of Your Building

In addition to ongoing maintenance, another key point is to make sure your commercial air conditioner is not working too hard day after day. If your system is undersized given the size of your building, that unit is going to have to work extra hard to bring the space down to the right temperature. In the end, this added stress could bring the unit to an early demise, even if maintenance is performed.


It’s a good idea to periodically review the capacity of your system and make sure it is meeting the demands of your current commercial space. If anything has changed recently with your building and the AC system wasn’t addressed as part of those changes, it may no longer be a good fit for your needs. Continuing to ask an underpowered AC system to cool a large commercial space during the middle of a hot summer is a recipe for failure.


The Right Partner

Perhaps more than anything else, you need to work with the right commercial HVAC company to provide your system with the maintenance and repairs that it needs. With a partner like Varney working closely with you on everything related to your HVAC system, you will always have an experienced and knowledgeable team close at hand. Getting maximum performance and durability out of your air conditioning unit doesn’t happen by accident – it happens when you lean on the right people to provide the service required at a fair price.

Is your heating system ready for the coldest months of winter? With commercial HVAC systems it is necessary to do a bit of maintenance to ensure everything is working properly and efficiently.

Winter weather and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your system if you’re not prepared, and that can result in heating system failure at an inopportune time. Here are the most important steps to take in order to winterize your commercial HVAC system. 


Perform a Thorough Inspection

Start by inspecting the entire heating system, including every part that is indoors as well as outdoors. Go through the following list:

  • Check exposed pipes for proper insulation. Pipes that lack insulation can freeze and cause all sorts of problems. 
  • Look for signs of moisture or leaks. Moisture where it shouldn’t be usually indicates a leak that needs to be fixed. 
  • Check for cracks in any part of the heating system or ductwork. Cracks allow heat to escape outside rather than warming the inside as it should. 
  • Empty condensation traps. Condensation accumulates and will freeze in cold temperatures, potentially causing problems. 
  • Ensure there are no blockages in hoses or drainage tubes. Condensation needs to be able to drain out and the flow of air in both directions should be unencumbered. 
  • Listen for unusual sounds. If your system is making strange or louder than usual noises, there could be a part that is wearing out or some other mechanical issue. 


A thorough inspection can go a long way toward making sure there are no unexpected surprises. 


Basic Maintenance

Here are the most basic maintenance steps that should be done multiples times a year:

  • Replace the filters. Dirty, clogged filters are one of the most common problems with HVAC systems. Changing filters regularly keeps your system operating efficiently. 
  • Check carbon monoxide detectors. Many furnaces and heating systems produce carbon monoxide. If not properly ventilated, CO detectors are an important safety feature. 
  • Calibrate thermostats. Thermostats can sometimes deviate from their original temperature gauges, causing incorrect readings and operation of your heating system. 
  • Clean ducts and vents. Keeping ducts and vents clean will go a long way toward maintaining the efficiency and proper operation of your HVAC system. 


Professional Maintenance and Tune Up

Unless you are in the HVAC business, there are aspects of yearly maintenance that should only be handled by a professional. Depending on your level of comfort and expertise, you may even need an HVAC specialist to perform some of the items listed above. At the very least, it is necessary to have a yearly inspection and tune up for your heating system performed by a professional commercial HVAC technician. 


Varney Inc. Provides Reliable Commercial HVAC Services 

If you’re looking for a reliable commercial HVAC company to perform yearly maintenance on your heating system, Varney Inc. has the necessary expertise. Varney Inc. provides HVAC maintenance for businesses in Virginia and the surrounding states. When your heating system is running more efficiently, you save money and avoid system problems. 


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uv light

When it comes to COVID-19 and HVAC systems, there are a lot of unknowns. Businesses hope to avoid the spread of the coronavirus among employees as much as possible. But how?

There are various ways that HVAC systems play a part in curbing the current global pandemic. Consider these COVID-19 HVAC questions and answers to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Can HVAC Systems Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19?

Proper ventilation is pivotal in slowing the spread of viruses, including COVID-19. HVAC systems circulate air and reduce humidity, which prevents the virus from being able to live in the air. Heavy, moist air will hold more pathogens as the moisture gives them something to cling to. HVAC systems bring fresh outdoor air into the building and push stale indoor air out. Viruses can’t live in the open air long enough to be passed through the HVAC and infect anyone.

How Does UV Light Kill Viruses?

UV lights have the capability to destroy viruses. This is not new information, as scientists have been aware of this for decades. Wavelengths between 200 and 400 nanometers are the most effective. The way it works is that the ultraviolet light breaks apart the virus by destroying the bonds that hold it together (mostly hydrogen). The virus can’t survive and cannot infect anyone once it is dead.

While it can help to kill viruses, a UV light alone is not capable of completely eliminating COVID-19 from a building. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends the use of UV light in conjunction with best practices recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Is UV Light Safe for People?

UV light is radiation. This is why UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. Which begs the question, can UV light be harmful to people? And if so, should it be used in businesses around many people?

UV lights are installed deep in the HVAC system where the light itself, the radiation, will not come in contact with people. It is out of sight and only shines on the air as it passes through the HVAC ducts, meaning it cannot harm people. Professional HVAC technicians know how to carefully handle these UV lights to avoid exposure to radiation themselves.

How Can I Get a UV Light Installed in My Commercial HVAC System?

A commercial HVAC company can install UV lights at various points in your HVAC system to ensure the optimal amount of virus control. The size of your building and other factors will affect the placement and number of UV lights you’ll need to get the most virus protection possible.

Reliable Commercial HVAC Services from Varney Inc.

The condition of your HVAC system plays an important part in its ability to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. If your system is in need of maintenance or repair, Varney Inc. is open and responding to service calls. Whether you need a tune-up or you’re interested in UV light installation, Varney technicians are standing by to help.

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With the introduction of COVID-19, employee safety in the workplace has become a bigger issue than ever. Keeping 6 foot spacing between workers and enforcing wearing masks and gloves in some industries has become the norm. But how does the building’s HVAC system play a part in keeping everyone healthy?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The keyword here is ventilation. It’s important to keep air moving and your commercial HVAC system is an integral part of that. But when it comes to HVAC systems and COVID-19, you may have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that can help you stay informed.

Is it Safe to Use Your Commercial HVAC System During COVID-19?

According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), there is no danger of spreading COVID-19 through your HVAC system. In fact, allowing your HVAC system to operate as usual is helpful to prevent the spread of the disease. Your HVAC system continually cycles air.  As the air cycles, it moves through a filter that eliminates many of the particles from the air. Regular use of commercial HVAC filters are not proven to trap pathogens such as viruses, but they may help.

Are Commercial HVAC Services Available Right Now?

As a result of all the business closings due to COVID-19, it can be hard to know what’s open and what’s not. But HVAC companies are considered essential businesses, so you can still schedule service for your commercial HVAC system.  Maintenance is important for proper operation of your system. A well-tuned up HVAC system will do a better job of keeping your indoor air clean and healthy. So there’s no reason to put off your regularly scheduled maintenance or to avoid calling for repair if it is needed.

Can an Air Purifier Kill Coronavirus?

There is no official evidence that proves that an air purification system is capable of killing the coronavirus that is causing the current outbreak known as COVID-19. Air purifiers do eliminate finer, even microscopic particles from the air and in significantly greater quantities than the average HVAC filter. Another benefit of an air purification system is that it can create new air molecules that are clean and uncontaminated. Ultimately, it is important to note that the success of an air purifier in eliminating COVID-19 is unknown, but it may help.

Where Can I Find Commercial HVAC Services?

If you’re looking for a commercial HVAC company in Virginia or the surrounding area that is currently providing services, Varney Inc. is open and operating. Varney offers a full range of commercial services, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and custom sheet metal.

Call (540) 343-0155 today or contact us to request service. Varney Inc. wants to help keep you and your employees safe during this uncertain time.

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Business OwnersWhen it comes to running a business, your building is a large part of it. Of the many systems you may have operating in your building, your HVAC system is a crucial one. The HVAC system, when working properly, provides a comfortable environment for employees, customers, and anyone else who enters the building. To keep your HVAC system operating properly, regular maintenance is necessary. Here are some helpful tips on HVAC maintenance for businesses.

Change your Filters Regularly

If there is one thing you can do between professional maintenance appointments that can make the most difference in your HVAC system’s performance, it’s changing your filters. The intake vents draw air into the system to condition it (heat or cool it) and then blow it back out into the building. The job of the filter is to block dust, dirt, and particles from being sucked into the ducts and inner machinery of your furnace and air conditioner. A dirty filter can let unwanted particles through, so regular replacement is necessary. Quarterly replacement is best, but twice a year is the absolute minimum. 

Why is this important?

  • Dust and other particles that get into the ducts can get into the working machinery of your heating and cooling systems. When your HVAC system gets dirty, it doesn’t function as efficiently, if it functions at all. 
  • Any dust or particles that get past the intake filters can make their way through your system and back out through the vents, essentially blowing dust and other allergens around the building. 

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance for businesses is just as important as it is for your home, if not more so. A business tends to be a larger building than a standard single-family home and is likely to contain more people on a daily basis. A business HVAC system will most likely be larger and involve a greater amount of ductwork and vents. Commercial HVAC companies recommend twice a year maintenance, once to focus your heating system and once to focus on your cooling system.

Why is this important?

  • Maintenance involves a thorough inspection of your system which will identify any potential problems, such as parts that are wearing out or loose. It can help you avoid unexpected breakdowns and emergency repairs. 
  • Keeping your HVAC system well maintained allows it to run at peak efficiency, which can save you money on your energy bill. 

Varney Inc. Provides HVAC Maintenance for Businesses 

If you’re looking for a way to make your building operate more efficiently, HVAC maintenance for businesses can help you achieve that goal. Call Varney Inc. today at (540) 343-0155 to schedule HVAC maintenance.

Winterizing your HVAC systemAs the weather changes and we switch from air conditioning to heat there are important steps to take to prepare your HVAC system for the switch. This is something you should have done for your business to ensure optimal performance from your systems. When was the last time you needed commercial HVAC repair in Roanoke, VA? If it’s been a while since your last service, it’s probably long overdue. Follow these 5 tips for winterizing your company’s HVAC system. 


Schedule Preventive Maintenance

 Your HVAC system should have periodic maintenance performed by a professional heating and cooling service to ensure it is running properly and efficiently. HVAC experts recommend scheduling appointments twice a year; in the fall for your furnace and in the spring for your AC. Preventive maintenance consists of an inspection that identifies any potential problems such as parts that are wearing out and need to be replaced, a thorough cleaning of the system, and a general tune-up. This ensures your system is prepared to operate properly and efficiently for the season ahead. 

Replace Filters

All filters should be replaced at least every 6 months. This is often taken care of as part of preventive maintenance, but if not, it should be done around the same time. For absolute best performance, replace filters quarterly or even monthly. When filters get dirty the efficiency of your HVAC system declines. 

Check Thermostat Settings

When you switch your building over from air conditioning to heat it is important to check your thermostat settings and determine the optimal temperature for the building. If you have zone climate control you can adjust certain areas to heat to specific temperatures based on need. You’ll get optimal efficiency by using programmable thermostats that allow you to set different temperatures for different times of the day based on the typical occupancy of the building. 

Inspect Equipment

This should also be done as a part of your professional preventive maintenance, but it’s not a bad idea to do your own inspection as well. Make sure nothing looks off, that there are no obvious holes or cracks in the ductwork or other parts of the system. Mention anything you notice to your HVAC technician when they come to perform your inspection and tune-up. 

Assess Efficiency

Your HVAC technician can check your system for efficiency, but without regular data, it can be difficult to assess just how efficiently (or inefficiently) your system is operating.  If a decrease in efficiency is detected the system will alert you so that repairs or adjustments can be made. This can save you money over the winter. 

Schedule Commercial HVAC repair in Roanoke, VA to Fully Winterize your System

You can take care of all 5 of these tips at once by calling Varney Inc. at (540) 343-0155 to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment. Varney Inc. is a commercial HVAC service that can inspect, clean, and tune-up your HVAC system, replace your filters, and install programmable thermostats. Varney Inc. is not your average service for commercial HVAC repair in Roanoke, VA. Varney can do much more to improve your HVAC system as well as your entire business. Call (540) 343-0155 or contact us here to request service.

Thermostat phootIt’s just about time for autumn leaves and temperatures to begin to fall, which means it is also time to think about furnace maintenance. Commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are often more complicated than residential systems. They are typically larger in order to accommodate larger buildings and may include multiple units that need to be maintained. Every fall, the following steps should be taken to properly maintain your furnace. 

  • Replace filters.Most HVAC experts recommend replacing your filters monthly, but at the very least this should be done twice a year: in the fall and in the spring. Dirty, clogged filters are one of the main causes of heating system problems. As the old saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can potentially save yourself from a large, expensive repair bill by regularly changing your filters. 
  • Calibrate your thermostat. Check to see that the thermostat is properly sensing the temperature and triggering the heat to come on when it should. This can be done by a furnace service in Roanoke such as Varney, Inc. 
  • Check your carbon monoxide detector. Make sure that your carbon monoxide detector has good batteries and is functioning properly. Furnaces produce CO, which can be harmful if not properly ventilated. Furnaces with a lot of soot buildup will produce higher than usual amounts of CO. An alarm will sound on your carbon monoxide detector if CO levels reach a dangerous point. 
  • Schedule a tune-up. The only way to be sure your furnace is in proper working order is to have a reliable, experienced HVAC service perform an inspection and tune-up. Any potential problems will be found and repaired before they can cause furnace failure. The system will be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated so that it’s ready for a cold winter. 

Varney Inc., Expert Commercial Furnace Service in Roanoke that Saves You Money 

The technicians at Varney Inc. provide expert commercial furnace service in Roanoke. By scheduling a tune-up in the fall, you can prevent unexpected heating problems and keep your system running efficiently. When your furnace is in good condition you can avoid emergency repair fees and keep your energy costs low. Call Varney Inc. at (800)456-1399 or (540)343-0155 to schedule a tune-up.