To heat and cool a commercial space, the HVAC system is sure to work hard. Sometimes, all of that hard work will lead to a lot of repairs. Knowing when to have those repairs performed can save you the frustration of dealing with long outages, as well as saving you money by not operating a system that isn’t at proper efficiency. The article below features four signs that professional repairs should be considered right away for your HVAC system.


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1 – The Cycles Are Quick

When an HVAC system is healthy, it kicks on and runs for a little while before shutting off again. That’s the most efficient way for the equipment to operate, and it provides the best results. If you notice that the system seems to be coming on and off more frequently than normal – an issue known as “short cycling”, you’ll want to bring in a professional team to examine the situation and see what repairs may be needed. Short cycling can have a variety of causes, so proper inspection is the only way to know what needs to be fixed.


2 – Rising Energy Bills

In many businesses, this is the point that gets the attention of management first – because it directly impacts the bottom line. When the energy costs incurred to heat or cool property start to go up, you are sure to want to find answers. Sometimes, those answers reside in the equipment that is doing the heavy lifting day after day. If that equipment isn’t operating properly, it might pull in more energy than normal to reach the desired temperature, and you’ll spend more on your utility bills as a result. The right repairs could restore efficiency and get your bills back under control.


3 – Uneven Performance

This is a frustrating one for people who live or work in the space. Sometimes, when an HVAC system isn’t working as it should, the heating or cooling performance will be inconsistent from one part of the building to the next. So, some people might complain of being too cold while others are consistently feeling too warm. It can be hard to heat or cool a large building with perfect consistency, but dramatic fluctuations from one area to the next may indicate a system that needs repair.


4 – Something Stinks

An unusual smell coming from the vents when your HVAC system is running is another sign that repair may be required. If people in the building are consistently complaining of the odors they have noticed, don’t dismiss those concerns – there could be underlying equipment trouble that needs to be addressed soon. Getting ahead of the game and performing the necessary repairs before a complete breakdown occurs will save you both money and frustration.

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