In a commercial setting, air conditioning is a large, but necessary, expense. This is particularly true in places like ours, the Mid-Atlantic region, where warm and humid summers can cause air conditioners to work particularly hard for months on end. To keep your AC costs down, it’s smart to take steps that will help you get the longest possible useful life out of your current unit or units. 


For trustworthy and prompt commercial air conditioner repair at a fair price, reach out to Varney today to schedule your appointment.


Regular Maintenance is Key

For air conditioner durability, everything starts with regular, ongoing maintenance. Even with the best air conditioning unit in the world serving your building, you will still want to have regular maintenance performed to keep that unit healthy and working optimally. Not only can consistent maintenance help keep the air conditioner up and running for the long haul, but it can also help it to work more efficiently.


Of course, it’s easy to forget about AC maintenance when you are busy running all of the other parts of your business. Getting on a regular schedule with a commercial HVAC contractor who can come out and perform this maintenance at regular intervals is your best bet. It’s a good idea to have the unit or units serviced before you are looking at an expensive repair.  Contact Varney about setting up a maintenance schedule so this important task never falls behind.


Assess the Needs of Your Building

In addition to ongoing maintenance, another key point is to make sure your commercial air conditioner is not working too hard day after day. If your system is undersized given the size of your building, that unit is going to have to work extra hard to bring the space down to the right temperature. In the end, this added stress could bring the unit to an early demise, even if maintenance is performed.


It’s a good idea to periodically review the capacity of your system and make sure it is meeting the demands of your current commercial space. If anything has changed recently with your building and the AC system wasn’t addressed as part of those changes, it may no longer be a good fit for your needs. Continuing to ask an underpowered AC system to cool a large commercial space during the middle of a hot summer is a recipe for failure.


The Right Partner

Perhaps more than anything else, you need to work with the right commercial HVAC company to provide your system with the maintenance and repairs that it needs. With a partner like Varney working closely with you on everything related to your HVAC system, you will always have an experienced and knowledgeable team close at hand. Getting maximum performance and durability out of your air conditioning unit doesn’t happen by accident – it happens when you lean on the right people to provide the service required at a fair price.

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