Everything in business comes back to the bottom line. If there is a way to improve the bottom line – whether it’s cutting expenses or boosting revenue – it’s worth exploring. In this case, that means looking at the energy efficiency of the electrical system that serves your business. Electrical costs can make up a significant portion of the ongoing utility expenses for some companies, so cutting those back by even a few percent can make a big difference.


This article is going to look at some options for improving commercial electrical efficiency. To partner with a commercial electrician that has the experience and knowledge needed to tackle this project for you, reach out to Varney today.


Perform a Thorough Review

It’s easy enough to just allow your electrical system to operate in the background while you are concerned with other things. Ignoring this critical system is a sure way to create inefficiencies, however, so taking the time to perform a careful review of how the system is working is a smart move.


To get the most out of such a review, be sure to do it with the help of a qualified commercial electrician like Varney. Your business may not have the in-house knowledge or experience to properly review your existing system while looking for opportunities for improvement. By bringing in an expert, you can gain clarity on how the current system works and where it might be falling short of expectations.


Consider Equipment Upgrades

For businesses that have been in the same location for many years, it’s possible – even likely – that some upgraded electrical equipment could go a long way toward improving efficiency. Like equipment in every other category, electrical gear continues to improve as time passes, so using the old components that have been in your building for decades is almost certainly going to be less efficient than what you’d get from an upgraded system. Again here, this is where advice from a professional team can help you weigh the costs and benefits of upgrading so you can make a sound business decision.


Avoid Wasteful Practices

Aside from changing equipment, another step you can take is simply to make sure electricity is only used when it is needed. Leaving large banks of lights on unnecessarily is a good example of this concept. Getting all employees into the habit of shutting down lights and other building components when they aren’t actively in use can add up to surprising savings. For large businesses, it may be helpful to formalize the process of turning lights on and off, among other electrical uses. With everything written down for all employees to reference, it’s possible to consume less energy and reduce utility bills along the way. 


Quality commercial electrician services can be hard to find, but your search is over now that you’ve located Varney. Whether you want to work on efficiency improvements or anything else to do with your commercial electrical – or HVAC – system, Varney should be your first call.

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