uv lightKeeping up with current commercial lighting trends is important for everyone involved in this industry, from electricians to designers and beyond. There have been a lot of exciting new products and ideas come onto the market in recent years, and this article will touch on some of the highlights.


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LEDs are the Future

This is a trend that has been underway for some time, so you may already be familiar with the movement toward LED lighting in both residential and commercial spaces. Simply put, LEDs offer too many benefits and advantages to ignore, and they are the easy choice when installing new lighting. As it relates to commercial properties, LEDs are attractive because of their economic benefits. They are cheaper to run because they use less power, and those savings can add up if you are lighting a large commercial building.


While LED lighting options were somewhat limited in the early years of this technology, that is no longer the case. Today, LEDs are available in just about any shape and size imaginable, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right lamp or bulb for your needs. Anytime a new light needs to be purchase for your organization, an LED version should be the default choice.


A Move Toward Smart Lights

In addition to switching over to LEDs, more and more commercial properties are leveraging the power of smart bulbs to get more out of their lighting installations. Smart bulbs can be controlled remotely and adjusted as needed to optimize their performance. Want the lights to turn on and off at certain times? No problem – smart bulbs can be scheduled as you wish. Also, their brightness can be controlled through an app or central panel, rather than having to adjust dimmer switches all around the building.


It’s easy to see how smart bulbs could be extremely useful in a commercial setting. With the ability to remotely adjust their settings, you could dial in the look and feel of your whole property just right. For example, lighting in your offices could be bright and clear for productive work hours, while lighting in a showroom could be turned down a bit for a more welcoming, relaxing environment.


An Array of Colors

One other trend to note is the use of various lighting colors. By opting for LEDs and smart bulbs, you’ll be able to alter the color that your lights produce with just the tap of a screen. This is a feature that won’t be useful for everyone, but it could be a big upgrade in some settings. A standard office will likely stick with standard white lighting, but a restaurant space may want to experiment with other shades to set the ambiance just right.

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