Commercial ElectricianAre you in need of a commercial electrician in Roanoke, VA? If so, do you know what to look for? With so many choices, it can be difficult to determine who to call for your business’s electrical needs. Consider these important qualities when comparing commercial electricians.


One of the most important qualities to look for in a commercial electrician is experience. How many years of experience does the company have? Is all of that experience in commercial electrical work? Residential electrical experience does not count for commercial experience. Don’t hire someone who claims to be able to handle commercial-grade electrical work unless they can prove it by giving you references of other businesses they have done work for.

Positive References

Always ask for references and follow through by contacting them. Ask questions about the type of job the electrician did for them and how they felt about the work during and after it was completed. Ask them if they would use the same electrician again on future projects.


Any electrician who performs commercial electrical work must have a commercial electrician license in the state where they provide services. Check with the state Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation for the status of a business’s license before hiring them.

Proof of Insurance

Get official proof that the electrician, as well as their assistants, are bonded and insured. Insurance is there to make sure you are not liable for any accidents or injuries the electrician or their employees incur on the job. It also covers any damages that occur from problems during the job and covers the cost of the job in case the electrician doesn’t finish the job.

Status with the Better Business Bureau

The BBB keeps records on businesses that give consumers an idea of the company’s past performance. A business’s rating with the BBB is determined by factors such as licensing, customer disputes and resolution, and years of existence. An A+ rating is the best a business can achieve.

Excellent Teamwork and Communication

This one can be hard to determine without seeing an electrician in action, but it’s very important. Commercial projects are typically large enough that multiple team members will need to work together to complete it. A commercial electrician must communicate well with their team in order to get the job done efficiently. This is a question you could ask when you speak to their references.


Look for an electrician that has solid safety procedures in place and a good safety rating. Electrical work can be dangerous for the workers involved unless proper precautions are taken. It is also important that electrical work is done correctly for the safety of those who use the building.

Looking for a Commercial Electrician in Roanoke, VA with these Qualities?

Varney Inc. has over 60 years of experience in the commercial electrical field. Licensed in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida, Varney Inc. has worked on projects throughout the southeastern U.S. If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced commercial electrician in Roanoke, VA, call Varney Inc. today at (540) 343-0155.

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