switchgearOwning commercial property comes with many obligations and responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to care for the electrical system that serves the building or buildings you own. If the electrical system falls out of repair and becomes dangerous, those issues are yours to handle.

Working with the right Roanoke electricians is the best way to stay ahead of any electrical issues on your commercial properties. Reach out to Varney today for assistance with this important matter.

It’s the Law

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that your legal responsibility is to care for the electrical system in a building that you own and rent out. There are various laws that relate to this obligation, including the Landlords and Tenants Act of 1985. Not only does the landlord have to ensure that the electrical system is safe when a new occupant moves in, but also the landlord must ensure the safety of the system throughout their stay. There is little room for ambiguity here – it’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure the electrical system is fit for service.

Making a Plan

So, against the background of that obligation, it’s important to think about how a landlord can stay ahead of the game on this point. Obviously, in addition to the primary concern here – which is safety – there is also the issue of client satisfaction to consider. If the power is routinely going out in a commercial building, the tenants will not be happy and may not wish to continue their lease. Also, it will be hard to get new tenants to occupy that space if known electrical problems are a concern.

Getting the right help is the best thing you can do to avoid electrical problems at your properties. Working with an experienced team like Varney can take this task off your plate and place it in the hands of talented and knowledgeable professionals. A good commercial electrician will be able to install new systems, inspect old systems, and perform any repairs that are needed. You’ll rest easier at night, and your tenants will be happier, when electrical work is done right and passes all inspections.

Ongoing Schedule

Getting electrical systems installed properly at the start of a new development is a good foundation, but that doesn’t mean the job is done. Rather, ongoing inspections and updates should be performed at regular intervals as time passes. Keeping up with the electrical system means you won’t be as likely to run into big problems down the line – you can address little issues here and there and maintain a system that serves your buildings and tenants nicely.

Again, with this point, working with a commercial electrician in Roanoke like Varney is the easiest and best solution. The Varney electrician will help you set up a schedule for inspections and updates and will be able to provide valuable advice along the way when any problems arise.

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