There is no way around the following point – electricity is dangerous. While the modern world has managed to harness electricity in a way that allows us to do many things that would have previously been impossible, it still remains true that we need to be very careful around any live wires, outlets, etc. There […]

The electrical system that serves your building is one of the most important components that you rely on each day. And, given the inherent risks associated with electricity, it is also one that presents potential danger if it is not in proper working order. By having an electrical inspection performed, you can track down any […]

Electricity is easy to take for granted – until the grid suddenly goes down. While a rare few businesses can deal with an occasional power outage, that’s not the case for all the vast majority of commercial locations. This article will discuss what kinds of businesses need to have an emergency electrical system in place. […]

Have you ever tried to do office work in a poorly lit space? While your computer screen provides its own light, the rest of the space can be hard to use if the overhead lighting is not sufficient. This article will take a closer look at why this topic is so important and what you […]

Keeping up with current commercial lighting trends is important for everyone involved in this industry, from electricians to designers and beyond. There have been a lot of exciting new products and ideas come onto the market in recent years, and this article will touch on some of the highlights.   When a trustworthy commercial electrician […]