Winterizing your HVAC systemAs the weather changes and we switch from air conditioning to heat there are important steps to take to prepare your HVAC system for the switch. This is something you should have done for your business to ensure optimal performance from your systems. When was the last time you needed commercial HVAC repair in Roanoke, VA? If it’s been a while since your last service, it’s probably long overdue. Follow these 5 tips for winterizing your company’s HVAC system. 


Schedule Preventive Maintenance

 Your HVAC system should have periodic maintenance performed by a professional heating and cooling service to ensure it is running properly and efficiently. HVAC experts recommend scheduling appointments twice a year; in the fall for your furnace and in the spring for your AC. Preventive maintenance consists of an inspection that identifies any potential problems such as parts that are wearing out and need to be replaced, a thorough cleaning of the system, and a general tune-up. This ensures your system is prepared to operate properly and efficiently for the season ahead. 

Replace Filters

All filters should be replaced at least every 6 months. This is often taken care of as part of preventive maintenance, but if not, it should be done around the same time. For absolute best performance, replace filters quarterly or even monthly. When filters get dirty the efficiency of your HVAC system declines. 

Check Thermostat Settings

When you switch your building over from air conditioning to heat it is important to check your thermostat settings and determine the optimal temperature for the building. If you have zone climate control you can adjust certain areas to heat to specific temperatures based on need. You’ll get optimal efficiency by using programmable thermostats that allow you to set different temperatures for different times of the day based on the typical occupancy of the building. 

Inspect Equipment

This should also be done as a part of your professional preventive maintenance, but it’s not a bad idea to do your own inspection as well. Make sure nothing looks off, that there are no obvious holes or cracks in the ductwork or other parts of the system. Mention anything you notice to your HVAC technician when they come to perform your inspection and tune-up. 

Assess Efficiency

Your HVAC technician can check your system for efficiency, but without regular data, it can be difficult to assess just how efficiently (or inefficiently) your system is operating.  If a decrease in efficiency is detected the system will alert you so that repairs or adjustments can be made. This can save you money over the winter. 

Schedule Commercial HVAC repair in Roanoke, VA to Fully Winterize your System

You can take care of all 5 of these tips at once by calling Varney Inc. at (540) 343-0155 to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment. Varney Inc. is a commercial HVAC service that can inspect, clean, and tune-up your HVAC system, replace your filters, and install programmable thermostats. Varney Inc. is not your average service for commercial HVAC repair in Roanoke, VA. Varney can do much more to improve your HVAC system as well as your entire business. Call (540) 343-0155 or contact us here to request service.

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