Optimizing efficiency in a commercial HVAC system is a critical step for any business to take. Since HVAC systems can use so much energy – especially in large buildings – making even modest efficiency improvements can add up to major savings at the end of each month. There are plenty of steps that can be taken to work toward lowered energy consumption along with improving performance, and five of those will be reviewed below.


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1 – Keep Up with Maintenance

This is an easy choice to put in the top spot on the list. When you keep up with the required ongoing maintenance for your HVAC system, you’ll enable that equipment to work as it was intended. Without consistent service, the efficiency of the system as a whole will gradually degrade, and you’ll find that you have to spend more and more each month on energy costs just to heat or cool the building properly.


2 – Is Solar an Option?

Are sunlights an option in an area that requires a lot of light? Optionally, in some applications, the addition of solar panels can be a cost-effective way to bring efficiency up – while doing something good for the planet at the same time. It’s important to work with a qualified professional on this project to identify the best way for your business to utilize solar. Some businesses will be able to enjoy significant ongoing savings once sunlights or solar panels are up and running.


3 – Purchase New HVAC Equipment

Sometimes, seeking improved efficiency is going to be a losing battle due to the age of the HVAC system that is in use in the building. In such a situation, the best bet is simply to upgrade to new equipment that will be able to serve the business well for many years to come. There is a significant upfront cost associated with this plan, of course, but that cost will be rewarded with monthly energy savings and improved performance.


4 – Think Strategically

It’s also possible to find added efficiency by thinking carefully about what parts of your building are being heated, and when. Many businesses waste energy just because they are heating or cooling spaces that aren’t being used at the time. As you go through this process, you might find that adding some new capabilities to your HVAC system – such as improved zoning control – would help you optimize efficiency and cut down on waste.


5 – New Thermostat

The modern technology that is available now in advanced thermostats makes it much easier to reduce human error and optimize the use of your HVAC system. Rather than needing to manually change the thermostat to make changes, a new model will allow you to access it remotely from your phone alter the settings, check on the temperature, and more. This is an affordable upgrade that can make a meaningful difference in your pursuit of better efficiency.

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