Thermostat phootThere is no way around the following point – electricity is dangerous. While the modern world has managed to harness electricity in a way that allows us to do many things that would have previously been impossible, it still remains true that we need to be very careful around any live wires, outlets, etc. There are some specific electrical safety risks that arise in the winter months, and this article will take a closer look at those points.

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Taking Some Basic Precautions

Fortunately, most of the things you can do to avoid electrical hazards in the winter months are pretty simple. You certainly don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of electrical work or anything like that – just paying attention to what situations are risky and how to mitigate those risks will be good enough. Here are some good starting points to avoid electrical fires, shocks, and other bad outcomes in a commercial setting.

  • Heaters require supervision. It’s common – and okay – to run heating units in the winter months to take the edge off in a cold building. It’s not okay, however, to let those heaters continue to run while no one is around.
  • Use power strips carefully. There are occasions when it’s suitable to use a power strip to provide electricity to several different items. With that said, power strips have their limits, and properly wiring some of your equipment may be necessary if you find your team reaching for power strips too often. As a general rule of thumb, power strips should not be seen as a permanent option – if they are used to deliver power to something that is always in use, work with a commercial electrician like Varney to create a proper solution.
  • Careful with flammables. This is another one that should fall into the category of “common sense”. In the winter months, you may have more items around your building that are flammable in nature, such as jackets, extra towels, blankets, and more. None of those things should be left to any source of heat where they could potentially combust. Make it a rule to place nothing, flammable or otherwise, particularly close to heat sources just to be safe.

Get Professional Help with Electrical Matters

Since the need for power often goes up in the winter as the temperatures drop and sunlight is less prevalent, you may find yourself cutting corners or making sacrifices on safety just to get the job done. That’s never okay when it comes to electricity. A seemingly minor change or adjustment to how your electrical equipment is being handled could lead to a dangerous spark or fire. Get out ahead of these problems by working with Varney to solve any electrical challenges in a way that is up to code and will keep all people and equipment safe.

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