Have you ever tried to do office work in a poorly lit space? While your computer screen provides its own light, the rest of the space can be hard to use if the overhead lighting is not sufficient. This article will take a closer look at why this topic is so important and what you […]

Keeping up with current commercial lighting trends is important for everyone involved in this industry, from electricians to designers and beyond. There have been a lot of exciting new products and ideas come onto the market in recent years, and this article will touch on some of the highlights.   When a trustworthy commercial electrician […]

When working in an office, it’s easy to forget about everything that goes on behind the scenes to keep the building working properly. For example, when you turn on the faucet for some hot water, you expect warm water to start flowing within a matter of moments. But what if it doesn’t? There are different […]

In a commercial setting, air conditioning is a large, but necessary, expense. This is particularly true in places like ours, the Mid-Atlantic region, where warm and humid summers can cause air conditioners to work particularly hard for months on end. To keep your AC costs down, it’s smart to take steps that will help you […]

Are you experiencing low water pressure in your building? Whether you own an apartment complex and your tenants are complaining or an office building that doesn’t get enough water pressure to the upper floors, or a large facility, you might need a commercial plumbing repair. Plumbing systems for large buildings are extensive. It can be […]