electrical servicesFor a large commercial or industrial building, electricity can be a major expense. Month after month, the electrical bill can be a substantial expense. Toward that end, any steps you can take to cut down on those costs will directly benefit the bottom line.


As a trusted commercial electrician, Varney can help businesses save money and energy with creative, high-tech solutions. This article is going to look at some of the many options available in this area. And, if you have a need for commercial electrical repair or any other kind of work in your building, be sure to reach out to Varney today to get started.


Optimize Your Lighting System

The cost of lighting a large commercial building can be significant. Of course, that cost is directly tied to how much energy is consumed by the lighting system, so saving in one area is going to mean you are saving in another. Upgrading to LED lighting through your buildings and using tools like motion sensors to make sure the lights aren’t on unless they need to be, can go a long way toward bringing down costs and improving the environmentally-friendly nature of the building itself.


Automate Your Buildings

There is no reason to continue to operate your buildings on a manual basis when so many automated features are now available. Through the use of smart controls, such as for your HVAC system or your security system, you can make it easier to get precisely the performance you expect from your buildings without the hassle of manual operation. Automated buildings save time as well as improve performance, so any investments you make in this area will pay off in two different ways.


Utilize Advanced Analytics

One of the ways to save money with electrical solutions is to rely on advanced analytics to see where the building is using more energy than it should. You never want to just assume that your current electrical system is operating optimally, as there is likely room for improvement somewhere on the property. Instead of guessing at what those improvements could be, Varney can use advanced smart tools to collect accurate data and recommend the appropriate changes.


Creating Custom Solutions

A one-size-fits-all electrical solution is never going to be the ideal approach for a building. To get the best possible results in terms of both efficiency and performance, it’s necessary to customize the way the building is wired and how it operates day after day. It’s important to work with a contractor like Varney that can approach your properties like the unique situations that they are, offering custom plans to get the best possible results while saving money and power over the long run.


When using electricity on a significant scale, as you would in an industrial or commercial setting, even marginal improvements in efficiency will make a big difference. For commercial and industrial electrical services that you can trust, turn to the team at Varney right away. 

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