Is your building fully secure? Both during business hours and after hours, it is extremely important to have an integrated security system to protect your building, people, and assets. Integrated commercial security systems in Virginia have become a business staple as building managers are realizing the numerous benefits, such as significant declines in incidents.

What is an Integrated Security System?

A traditional security system may monitor your building using cameras, door alarms, smoke detectors, etc. But an integrated security system connects all of those things in a network that combines computers, phone lines, and even plumbing. All of your business systems can work seamlessly together, making it easier to monitor everything whether you’re at work, at home, or even out of town. You can manage your entire building from a single computer or device, either remotely or in person.

What are the benefits of an Integrated Security System?

Adding or upgrading to an integrated security system offers many benefits to your business, such as:

  • Increased safety. The single most important concern when operating a business is the safety of people; the employees, visitors, customers, and anyone else who enters the building. Integrated security systems help to keep people safe by monitoring who enters and exits the building to fire safety risks.
  • Better communication. With all of your systems working together in a seamless network, communication is improved in every aspect of your business from technology to individuals. Building systems, such as HVAC and plumbing, communicate with each other and are able to self-regulate. You can communicate with all of your integrated systems through a computer or mobile device.
  • Theft prevention. It goes without saying that preventing theft is beneficial to your business. Employees and customers alike are less likely to consider stealing when they know they are being monitored by video surveillance. And in case an incident does occur, you have video evidence.
  • When your security system is integrated with the rest of your building’s systems and easily monitored by mobile device, efficiency increases on multiple levels. Your personal efficiency is improved because you spend less time monitoring your building and more time working on business. Building systems like electrical, HVAC, and plumbing operate more efficiently too with integrated systems, saving your business money.
  • Increased productivity. Integrated systems streamline business processes, helping everything run more smoothly and increasing productivity. Also, employees tend to be more productive if they know they could be monitored.

Varney Inc. Installs Commercial Security Systems in Virginia

If you’re ready to realize all of these benefits for your business, Varney can install an integrated security system in your building. Varney is a top expert in integrated systems in the southeastern US, having completed successful installations of commercial security systems. Save time and money with integrated systems from Varney Inc.

Call (540) 343-0155 or request service today.

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