integrated systemsDo you want your employees and your business to be as safe as possible from the risk of fire? Basic fire safety features are required for all commercial buildings, but the required equipment is truly the bare minimum. Going beyond what’s required not only protects people and property but offers additional benefits for your business. Consider including fire safety features as part of your integrated systems for your businesses in VA

Improved Safety

When fire safety features are in tune with security systems and other building systems, the result is an increase in overall safety. Integrated systems allow all of a building’s systems to communicate, including HVAC, plumbing, etc. which in turn makes the building safer for everyone who uses the building as well as neighboring buildings. 

Money Saved

Integrated fire safety features can both decrease the risk of a fire as well as improve the handling of a fire in the unfortunate event that a fire starts. Preventing fire will definitely save your business money and containing or putting a fire out quickly will prevent more costly damage. In addition, integrated systems can reduce the number of personnel needed for security and safety monitoring. 

Better Control

Integrated systems make it possible to control all of your building’s systems from one console, device, or location. It can also allow multiple people to access the controls from personal devices so that everyone who needs control will have it and those that don’t, won’t. You’ll also be alerted immediately when anything is amiss with the fire safety equipment such as a battery that needs to be replaced on a smoke detector or a malfunctioning part of the system. 


Fire safety features that are designed to work seamlessly with security and other building systems make it easier to prevent fire and quickly extinguish a fire once it starts. When fire systems are integrated with plumbing, water sprinklers can quickly activate if needed. When fire systems are integrated with security, doors can be closed automatically to contain the fire to one area of the building. And all systems work automatically in the case of an emergency. 

Reduced False Alarms

Integrated systems are meticulously monitored so that false alarms are kept to a minimum. Security cameras deter people from pulling fire alarms when there is no fire and make it easier to identify anyone who does. Advanced technology also prevents smoke alarms or sprinklers from being falsely activated, preventing water damage and emergency services from unnecessarily reporting when there is no real emergency. 

Experience the Benefits of Integrated Systems for Businesses in VA

There are many benefits to incorporating integrated systems for your businesses in VA. These 5 are just the benefits of including integrated fire safety features. When all systems are integrated throughout a building and even between multiple buildings, the benefits only increase. Varney Inc. specializes in automated systems integration for businesses and has completed projects in Virginia and the surrounding states of West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. 

Call (540) 343-0155 to speak with the experts at Varney Inc. about all the ways integrated systems can improve your business.

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